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About Digital Substrate Technologies


Technology outsourcing services and products to help companies increase and focus their established business strengths.

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A message from our people:

"Digital Substrate Technologies wishes to express its sorrow over the recent losses. We are commited to helping those who suffered losses and to helping recover the enterprising spirit of this nation" -

Digital Substrate Technologies

How do we benefit companies?

What is a Digital Firm?

A digital firm is an organization where the various aspects of a business, (such as employee, customer and vendor interfaces, business processes and operations, corporate information repositories and communications) are digital - or at least digitally enabled. Digital Firms are able to utilize increased data and information flows because their businesses can adapt quickly to create valuable assets and new services. As a result, Digital firms have higher growth rates, greater potential for revenue generation and thus higher stock valuations than their competitors. To achieve these things, a company needs a clear understanding of its customers, it’s current information systems, and where strategy and IT need to be adjusted or enhanced to increase performance. The systematic tools to assimilate information, utilize assets, and manage complex initiatives is part of what Digital Substrate provides.





What can Digital Substrate do for you?

Digital Substrate was founded to help corporations create and improve information systems infrastructure and maximize flexibility in ways that improve revenue generation and enhance opportunity. Digital Substrate Technologies possesses extensive experience with middleware, multi-tier implementations, and enterprise systems development and provides services to integrate personalized self-service, knowledge management, vendor and supply chain management successfully in ways that maintain versatility. Digital Substrate employees have done this in the past with great success and due to their use of standard business practices and advanced technologies have produced systems able to accommodate late changes. Versatility and flexibility are critical for organizations that need to respond rapidly to changing market and business climates and can give your company the advantage it needs.

Experience Counts
when building and redesigning your systems

Flexible Substrates are Critical
Change is constant in the current economy

Compete in Global Markets
Global competiton is increasinly the rule. Collaboration and partnering are critical.


Digital Substrate Technologies
is the right partner for successful technology and business implementation.





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