Employee Portals


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The definition of the word portal is a gateway, or an impressive entrance. The term employee portal was coined to describe a business-to-employee (B2E) communication mechanism where corporate resources and tools are shared among employees depending on individual needs and preferences. The personalization that can be provided on an employee portal provides solutions for a number of concerns. Tools and information can be provided to employees in a manner that facilitates the needs of the company - i.e., make the right information available to the right people. For example, the type of tools that should be available to someone in accounts receivable are quite different than the tools available to someone in executive management, and they should be.

In addition portals can streamline the needs that individuals have by providing the proper tools, information and channels that ambitious individual need to make the most of and to increase their ability to contribute.   Employee portals can easily accomodate issues of this nature and this is why Employee portals have been found to significantly reduce administrative costs, while providing highly relavent and useful information and services to employees on a 24x7 basis. Statistics for the amount of productivity increase companies achieve are available but in general one significant benefit that sometimes gets overlooked is the empowerment that employee portals provide to staff members. When a rich set of information about processes and policies is provided to employees, the sense that employees control their own destinies becomes a significant factor. Building strong corporate cultures requires attention to corporate needs but it also needs to address personal issues, and individual preferences. Having tools that facilitate the way employees work can be a great benefit to worker satisfaction and thus corporate culture.


Employee portals also empower workers and enables them to work to the best of their capabilities. By providing such an environment you can more easily achieve the goals your company needs to achieve.



Digital Substrate Technologies offers solutions that encompass the needs of employee portals. Employee portals require secure mechanisms and timely information flow. The need for secure information exchange depends on the informaton being provided but in either case, the issues surounding a proper employee portal are well known to Digital Substrate staff members. Regardless of the complexity, Digital Substrate can find the most cost effective solution for your employee portal/Knowledge Management needs.

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