CRM Systems and Personalized e-Commerce Platforms

Ecommerce systems are sell side mechanisms that need to support extreme flexibility but at the same time need to be based on well established standards and presentation patterns. A well known criteria for user interface design is "separation of presentation from content". Digital Substrate uses XML/XSL standards to support presentation issues ranging from presentation style to presentation of dynamic content. Digital Substrate addresses these factors to optimize flexibility and minimize development and deployment effort.

Demanding customers require responsive organizations. Those that are either incapable or uninterested in responding to customers, MAY be fortunate enough to get a footnote in a business journal. Companies that understand these needs and address them proactively will increase market share and user base. The challenge for these organizations will be to manage growth, as opposed to accounting practices and earnings statements.

Personalization of internet content (dynamic content) is a highly effective technique for customer acquisition and retention. There are several mechanisms that can help create the dynamic effects of personalization. Some require real-time data feedback and others require collaborative filtering. Digital Substrate understands the conditions in which each of these would be beneficial and can provide the long term implementation that will ultimately provide high level ROI.

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