Processes with Proven Benefits

Reducing total cost of ownership is critical for long term projects. Increasing Return on Investment requires that the correct metrics are obtainable.

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Requirements : getting the correct results

In the words of Fred Brooks: "The hardest single part of building a software system is deciding precisely what to build. No other part of the conceptual work is as difficult as establishing the detailed technical requirements…No other part of the work so cripples the resulting system if done wrong. No other part is as difficult to rectify later." With this piece of wisdom and the knowledge that the competitive advantages of the "old days" have gone the way of the DoDo bird, corporations are well advised to implement systems based on flexible technologies that can absorb changes without being inordinately expensive. Again this area is one that is covered by the skills and services of Digital Substrate Technologies. The processes and practices used by D.S.T. enable progress without excessive costs.


Design and Development

Extensibility and flexibility are design goals that Digital Substrate focuses on above and beyond the problems that customers need to solve. The motivation behind this is customer satisfaction. We believe that making customers happy is directly related to the growth our solutions provide. Because communicating complex issues can be difficult sometimes, Digital Substrate uses simple, standard and expressive tools and methodologies.


Risk Management

Risk management is especially important in tight economies. Proper risk assessment and planning can enable projects to continue inspite of budgetary contraction because contingencies are more well known, and corrective measures can be planned and tested. Through the use of established  management tools, Digital Substrate helps customers guage the best possible solutions and the next steps in a well defined process. Digital Substrate use of such tools can help corporations manage financial limitations, while achieving the needed outcomes.


Flexible Interfaces within and between companies

Digital Substrate implements flexible systems and services on a variety of platforms ranging from application servers and Ecommerce frameworks to ERP Systems and Middleware based messaging environments. Based on in-depth analysis of requirements, business models, corporate strengths and many other intrinsic factors, Digital Substrate helps companies chose the correct path for future growth and stability.


Lightweight Development Practices

Lightweight development practices provide strong methodologies for starting work when requirements are loosely defined, rapidly changing, or hard to formulate. Because Digital Substrate uses these practices under favorable conditions, we help companies establish momentum in complex projects and challenging corporate cultures.


widget.jpg (18968 bytes) Clear requirements management ensures that the end results are the expected ones.