Services and Business Solutions


  • E-Commerce Implementation - personalized interactions, with rules based business management
home B2C, B2B, and B2E e-Commerce Systems are one of the core strengths of Digital Substrate. We have fully implemented or heavily contributed to some of the largest and most successful implementation on the east coast. We use repeatable processes that can easily be absorbed by the staff members of clients and serve as a basis for continual improvement.


  • Knowledge Management Infrastructure and Implementation
Information is a key driver of the current economy and as a result Knowledge management is one of the most important skills a company can acquire. Managing information to achieve higher levels of growth, greater customer allegiance and faster return on investment is important for all information rich industries.


  • Supply Chain Management Systems and Vendor Management Systems based on XML frameworks
These B2B processing models will most likely play a very significant part of all successful organizations in the near future.  XML and Web Services provide the most adaptable mechanisms for inter-organizational process engineering and collaboration between suppliers and buyers. Digital Substrates specializes in these technologies and the strategies that can help companies and their partners succeed in these areas.


  • Customer Care Systems that integrate to E-commerce implementations
If  your company's success depends on having satisfied customers, you most likely need a comprehensive Customer Care system. Every company is different, and eventhough you may be able to make your business conform to someone elses idea of what a customer care system is, you'll sacrifice your company's unique value by doing so. A better way to achieve high customer satisfaction is to connect your systems on a common infrastructure so information flow can increase in the areas that are critical to customer satisfaction. Digital Substrate offers an environment that guarantees messages and requests aren't dropped and provides the high levels of configuration your company needs in a workflow system.


  • Web Content Management systems and Web content deployment Systems
If information is a driver of current and future customers to your company, then timely management of web content to multiple platforms is key for your business. XML provides several things that are needed in a content management environment, such as structure and presentation capabilities, but in addition to these things you need a process that fits your company like a glove. Digital Substrate can help you develop content management paradigms and tools to streamline content management environments.


  • Business Process Analysis and Redesign
There are many tools for process analysis and redesign, but choosing the proper tools is important for achieving the right results.


  • Access to Legacy Systems resources 
Legacy systems typically resist changes and additions, so making information that reside in lagacy systems available for use in the right places can be a challenge.


  • Monitoring Environments for critical systems
Your company can't act unless it know what needs attention. Monitoring envirments bring problems to your attention in real-time. You decide what is critical to your business, apply the appropriate monitoring mechanisms and then you can guarantee the levels of service that your customers require. This is an important aspect to providing a any service what-so-ever. You have to know that those system are operational at all times and when they aren't, you have to know what to fix.


  • Straight Through Processing Solutions
Allowing your partners to help you is great way to cut your overhead and start doing the things that will increase your corporate value in the future. Straight through processing systems allow you partners and customers to help themselves and in the process, they help you.


  • Security Infrastructure and Asset Protection Mechanisms
Security enables trust, trust increases stability and stability increases revenue. The need for security cannot be over emphasized when your customers need to trust you with their own reputations, financial stability and well being. Your company can establish a much greater foundation for supporting customer needs if you provide a robust security infrastructure. Digital Substrate understands these needs and the technology options that are viable in this area. Choosing Digital Substrate as a partner will enable the right relationships between you and your customers.