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Technology Platforms
Web Services
Digital Substrate has established a significant background in this emerging technology paradigm and is currently in a position to prime and support efforts that require the capabilities provided by web services. Http protocol, XML messaging and rapid development methodologies are some of the key strengths we bring to the table in addition to knowledge in the use of SOAP and XML registries.
Bea Weblogic
Our staff members have extensive experience with Bea's Weblogic application server. We have developed and deployed applications based on Enterprise Javabeans, Servlets/JSP, JMS, JNDI, Javamail, and Jax pack. We make it our business to maintain strengths in cutting edge technical infrastructure.
BroadVision One-to-One
Broadvision's award winning personalization platform has proven it's value in numerous industries and has proven to be a highly flexible platform for technology deployment. The out-of-the-box business solutions provided by Broadvision are well known our staff members. Digital Substrate can support and tune Broadvision platforms to improve performance and enhance profitability for clients.