B2B e-Commerce Hubs

There are 4 general categories of B2B processing that are based on how and what companies purchase. The two ways of buying are "spot sourcing" (ad-hoc) and "systematic sourcing" (semi-permanent). What companies purchase can be broken down into 2 general categories as well. Operating inputs are required to run businesses on a day-to-day basis and manufacturing inputs are required to build the products sold.   Figure 1 shows the 4 models of e-Commerce hubs with some examples of businesses that operate within each. 

E-Hubs.gif (43230 bytes)

The use of XML and web services applies to each of these situations and although there may be some minor differences in the manner in which transactions are handled and data is structured the overall architectural differences are minor.  Digital Substrate provides services, products and solutions that apply to these models and through these enables organizations to meet customer needs, and service level agreements while ensuring versatility.

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