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In general 35 % of business expenses go to non-production goods and services needed to operate a business. This is the category known as Maintenance Repair Operations (or MRO). When adding in the costs of producton materials to MRO expenses, the procurement costs are estimated at 57% of total corporate expenditures.

Supply Chain Management is a very significant part of what is being called B2B processing. B2B processing is expected to be in the $2-4 trillion range (Gartner Group expects this to be  ~$7 trillion) in a few years. Contrast this with the $100 Billion range that B2C processing is expected to be in, in a few years, and the importance and value of proper planning and scoping and implementation experience becomes more clear.

One of the things that the recent market changes may ultimately indicates is that - we may have had things all wrong over the last few years. Now might be the rigth time to take those understandings and turn them into the ROI that will lift your company to higher levels of performance.


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Digital Substrate uses carefully thought out business tools to assess risks and analyze needs and requirements. These factors are part of the input for development but also provide your company with the  meaningful benchmarks and the ability to guage progress.

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