Vendor Management Systems


What can we achieve from implementing such systems?

Vendor Management Systems are e-Commerce applications that streamline enterprise buying processes by automating the procurement of production and non-production goods and services. A VMS provides the building blocks needed to establish ad-hoc and permanent supply-side trading relationships in dynamic value-chains.


The key to the Customer driven world we're all part of is in developing a flexible, shared information system that gives the customer a unified interface to corporate resources and information. Because customers look for corporations that can respond quickly, you can increase customer acquisition and retention by implementing systems that give you the most flexibility. Vendor Management systems are often ones that can have this kind of impact. Our people have the collaborative skills and understandings to create these components as part of a unifying infrastructure. Ultimately IT plays a large role in your companies ability to respond and create value. We can help you achieve the goals you've defined.

B2B Hubs

In todays down sized companies, the expenditures for non-operating goods and services is the largest  percentage of total expenditures. In general these average in the 30-40% range and for many large organizations. Implementing streamlined Inter-Enterprise Processing can produce large savings and efficiencies.

B2B Statistics


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