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Web services are a very effective way to provide B2B services between partners and suppliers. The benefits of using web services include ease of deployment, rapid time to market, and flexible implementation. These factors make web services an ideal candidate for the addition and expansion of B2B capabilities in most, if not all organizations. Web services also provide a very scalable model for implementing SCM based services because of their use of HTTP, XML and server side processing. One major concern about web services, however, is the notable absence of a security framework. Due to the lack of  a security support service, many users are likely to be wary of using web services. This is clearly a healthy approach at this time, but in spite of the lack of a security model, there are still areas that can benefit from the use of web services without risk to customers or corporate assets.

ebXML has lost it's momentum due the lack of industry adoption over the past several months and some members have acknowledged that it's future is uncertain - at best.




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